Practice Periphery, The Little Things, Again

Last time I chatted about pretending you are your own patient. Walk into your waiting room and what do you see?

This time, let’s go outside and pretend you just drove into the parking lot and you are approaching the front door. First of all is the parking convenient? Are the walk ways accessible?

As you stroll up to the front door, look back into the parking lot, is your signage up to date(You can’t imagine how many times it is not, a new associate has not been added or deleted), can your patients clearly see this signage, are you easy to find, is the signage blocked by a tree limb, does it light up at night, if so, are the lights working?

Let’s continue to the front door, how does the landscaping look? Is your office clearly marked on the door or the structure, what if your office is part of a large office building, will your patients be able to locate you? Is there accessibilty if you patients have a disability? Is the building clean? Does it need some work, is it looking like a paint job would really spruce things up?

I know I bring up some simple observations, however I have approached hundreds of medical and dental offices and it astounds me how many of these offices look like they have never met the maintenance company. Take some time to evaluate your building, as my father used to say, if a person doesn’t take care of their property and personal items, chances are they certainly do not take care of themselves.

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