A Road Map for Physicians and Dentists-Part Two

Peter Lucash, author of Medical Practice Business Plan WorkbookSecond Edition and blogger, lists his top ten concerns that medical practices will face now and in the future:

  • Flat and declining reimbursements
  • Pressure to improve and measure quality
  • Patient demand for more time with physicians
  • Incomplete data about patients
  • Risk of being sued for malpractice
  • Revenue cycle that is inefficient and uncertain
  • Unraveling of traditional physician- patient relationships
  • Loss of status, prestige, and income
  • Widespread dissatisfaction with work of physicians
  • High and increasing overhead load

I have added one more, the new health care legislation.  Are you prepared for all these possible consequences?

Peter Levinson, a noted author concerning medical practices points out, “the margins of management error have dramatically decreased, with low reimbursement and increased practice expenses, even a small management misstep can mean a fiscal mess.”  Darrell Schryver, Managing Principal of MGMA adds, “The days of Dr. Jones going and getting a million dollar line of credit are over.”  Schryver also predicts a continuing and worsening problem with coding and reimbursement.

Let’s take a journey back to medical school.  Your professors helped you become an excellent physician.  However, none of them had any idea what it takes to build a successful and efficient medical enterprise.  You have become an effective technical medical practitioner versus a successful medical practitioner who works balanced hours, has little stress, leads a rich  family life and has an economic life that is diverse, fulfilling and shows continuous return on investment.

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