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Real Financial Life Planning

30 Jan How Suncoast Advisory Group Helps Medical and Dental Professionals, and Family Business Owners Enhance their Financial Well-Being

Growing up, I witnessed firsthand the pain financial stresses caused my hard-working parents. So, at an early age, I made a commitment to living a happy life with no money worries. I soon realized my passion and my life purpose was to help others minimize their...

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18 Apr Selling Your Practice

Physicians sell their practices for a variety of reasons — dissatisfaction with the demands of running a business, the desire for a less strenuous work schedule, frustration with insurers, retirement. If you are thinking about selling your practice, there are several steps you should take...

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29 Jun A Road Map for Physicians and Dentists-Part Two

Peter Lucash, author of Medical Practice Business Plan Workbook – Second Edition and blogger, lists his top ten concerns that medical practices will face now and in the future: Flat and declining reimbursements Pressure to improve and measure quality Patient demand for more time with physicians Incomplete data about...

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