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29 Jun A Road Map for Physicians and Dentists-Part Two

Peter Lucash, author of Medical Practice Business Plan Workbook – Second Edition and blogger, lists his top ten concerns that medical practices will face now and in the future: Flat and declining reimbursements Pressure to improve and measure quality Patient demand for more time with physicians Incomplete data about...

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17 May Top Ten Reasons Why Medical Practices Fail to Maximize Revenue

Medical Practice Business PlanningI have been advising medical and dental practices for over 25 years.  It is interesting in this economy, with the so called continued recession, that most of these practices, especially the administrators do not revise or refine the strategic planning for the practice.Harvard Business Review published an excellent article awhile back about why a business should revise their strategic plan along with their marketing strategy especially in this economy.
If your practice or business is operating based on the same strategic plan from years ago, or has no plan at all,  I wish you all the luck in the world, I have witnessed practices where revenue has decreased, patients lost, employees unhappy, why? The physician or dentist blames the economy, the recession…one should look inside the belly of the beast…revising your strategic plan, evaluating current demographics, surveying your patients and staff will assist and provide some solutions.
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