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Established in 1988, the firm is headquartered in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. Suncoast Advisory Group enjoys a national reputation in the field of innovative financial and practice planning, particularly for physicians, dentists, and family-owned businesses. We offer jargon-free, straightforward advice, free from hype and based on solid research and years of experience.

There are never unexpected fees or hidden costs. We don’t like surprises when it comes to financial, business, or life planning – and assume you don’t either.

Rick O. Helbing CFP®, ChFC®

Growing up, I witnessed firsthand the pain financial stresses caused my hard-working parents. So, at an early age, I made a commitment to living a happy life with no money worries.
I soon realized my passion and my life purpose was to help others minimize their money worries while enhancing their quality of life.

That insight led me to a career in the financial planning industry. But I soon discovered that financial success doesn’t eliminate stress: it just changes it. To learn how to add more value for my high-income clients, I studied psychology, life coaching, happiness and life-satisfaction—in addition to learning advanced planning and investment management strategies.

Over the years, I integrated my unique knowledge and skills into a comprehensive five-stage financial life planning process.

I now use this holistic process to help my clients maximize their financial independence and
optimize their quality of life.

Enhancing Your Well Being for Medical, Dental and Business Owners


By fulfilling our promise to provide comprehensive services that increase efficiency while bringing down costs, Suncoast Advisory Group strives to build relationships with other key professionals that may already be integral to each client’s life. The following presentations outline our process for working with other professionals. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Suncoast.



Vision without action is merely a dream: vision with action can change the world

— Joel Barker